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Do you want to register yourself or someone else?

If you wish to register family or companions, first register yourself, then follow the prompts to register others.


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Thank you for registering on behalf of someone else. Before we gather information about them please fill in details about yourself. Fields marked * are required. If we have any queries about the registration we will use these details to contact you.

Please enter the following details about yourself, the person making the registration. Followed by information about your relationship with the person you are registering.

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Please fill in as much as you can to help people find you. Fields marked * are required.

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Where are youthey staying?

If youthey expect to stay at home for the next 14 days, choose At home.
If youthey are not staying at home, choose Somewhere else.
If youthey don't know or are not sure where youthey will be staying for the next 14 days, just click Continue.

Please let us know where youthey are staying. With your permissiontheir permissions this information will be shared with friends, family and loved ones who are looking for youthem and with government agencies.

At home or Somewhere else I don't know

Choose how much information you wish to share with family, friends and loved ones looking for youthe person you are registering

Review yourtheir details

Please check your detailsthe details entered. If everything is OK, click Register.
If you need to edit anything, use the Change information buttons.

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Details of the person being registered

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Information release


Thank you

Use this receipt number if you need to call us back and change anything. Please write it down and keep it somewhere safe.

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You can now register another person.

If you Register a family member or Register a companion it will be linked to yours, which may help to reunite you with friends, family and loved ones looking for you.

If you Start a new registration it will not be linked to yours.